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We talk real estate in Greece

Bouras Stelios

|Strategic Communications in Property
|Insight on Greek Residential & Commercial Assets

We help businesses communicate their message and provide valuable market information for decision makers.

We are communication experts that specialise in real estate.

With a passion for writing and examining living and work space, we have combined the best of both worlds. By adding carefully picked words to the bricks and mortar mix, we help businesses communicate effectively and meet strategic targets.

We might know real estate inside out, but we also have expertise in other areas, such as tourism, banking and financial services.

We help companies get their message to all stakeholders. By setting out a clear goal-focused plan, we work with clients in determining their communication needs and how we can get the job done.
We provide the following services: 
Content strategy
Investment writing & editing for asset and wealth management companies
Media relations

Corporate communications


We have worked with some of the largest real estate players in Greece and Europe.

With our deep knowledge of the sector, we have teamed up with investors, consultants, developers and banks (among others). We take enormous pride in our work, and even more in our results.

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