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Content Writing Specialist

We help companies meet their strategic goals with the use of content. By preparing well prepared copy that is distributed on platforms such as company sites, blogs, newsletters and social media, businesses can spread their message quickly and effectively.

Content writing services

At, we believe in the enormous power of storytelling. With years of writing experience for large global media groups and international companies, we know how to prepare content that readers want to consume, discuss and share.

Technology may be setting the pace in the fast-changing world we live in but it is content about people that help businesses tell their story - and this is what we are best at.

Content for everyday business

Without the right research, preparation and execution, content does not get very far. Publishing hastily prepared copy may feel like the job is being done but it isn't.

Our content is SEO-focused and tailored to getting well ranked by search engines. Powerful keywords, meta descriptions and backlinks are not just marketing lingo for us. They make up the technical backbone to texts that have the user in mind.

The latest guidelines from Google must be taken into account to meet the necessary criteria, while an eye must always be kept on the end target: what exactly does the client want to achieve.

Skilled business writers

As journalists we have learnt the value of asking questions. Only after asking the necessary (and often stupid!) questions can a content provider then properly determine what will meet client needs.


Time, research and a thorough understanding of the client open the path to well-prepared content.

Our experienced team of native English writers can help present complex messages in a simple to understand manner for global audiences. No job is too big or too small.

We are partnered with some of Greece's largest communications companies, putting us in the best possible position to meet changing client needs.

Interested in finding out how we can move your business forward? Send us a message at

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