Greece works on major makeover plan for Athens

Athens redevelopment

Greece is putting together a plan providing a major makeover for the Greek capital that includes new parks and redesigning the historical city centre.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras looked over the government's five point proposal in a meeting with Athens mayor Giorgos Kaminis on Thursday - a plan that will be now open for input from local councils and other relevant bodies.

Officials from the prime minister's office said that funding has been secured for the plan but no possible start date was given.

The ambitious proposal includes building a new metropolitan park in Goudi, redesigning the area surrounding the Acropolis with an emphasis on the traditional buildings in the area and constructing a new stadium for Panathinaikos soccer club.

Greek officials are aiming to build on Athens' growing popularity with tourists that has provided the economy with growth momentum and the real estate sector with a key source of demand.