How much does a view of the Acropolis cost?

Acropolis view

A key feature in the Athens real estate market, particularly for foreign buyers, is whether the property has a view of the Acropolis. But how much should an investor expect to pay for such a feature?

Views of the Parthenon can be seen from across the city and sometimes in some unexpected places that are not too close to the center of town. However, if an investor wants to be in arms reach of the ancient citadel, and be as close as possible to the breathtaking monument, then homes in central Athens are the only choice.

The Greek Guru has listed below residential property prices (per square meter) in most of these.

With home prices having dropped by more than 40% since the crisis erupted in Greece in 2010, there are many bargain prices but brokers say that prices of apartments with a special features have proved to be most resilient to the downturn.

Please note: These are broader prices are for all properties in the central district and not necessarily with a view of the Acropolis.

Older homes New homes

per square meter (euros)

Ampelokipoi 400-900 1300-2100

Votaniko 1600-2000

Goudi 700-1000

Exarcheia 350-950

Ilisia 700-1000 1500-2000

Kolonaki 2300-3800

Koukaki 700-900

Lycavitos 1300-2100 1500-2400

Neapoli 600-1000

Pangrati 600-800

Petralona 600-800 1400-2100

Hilton 800-1600

Source: RE/Max (March, 2016)