Eyeing property in Santorini? Roll the dice in Santopoly

Santorini property

Want to buy and sell real estate in one of Greece's hottest markets? Looking to make a fortune from whitewashed homes and cave houses in one afternoon? Try Santopoly.

Inspired by Monopoly, two Greek tour guides working on the island have created the Santopoly board game. Players can roam around the island's 22 villages, trade in title deeds, build houses on their island property or even take a Donkey tail card. Donkeys are often used on the island to transport tourists but there is a growing movement to stop this due to concerns that the animals are being abused.

The game starts when players arrive at the island's port or airport and the wheelin and deelin then commences. Miss a round? Don't fret, you'll just end up at a gourmet restaurant or cocktail bar.

The prices attached to each property reflect true market conditions, say the game's creators, with land in Oia and Finikia being at the top end of the market.

The game costs 49 euros and is available here