Tilos to become first green energy island in Mediterranean

The small Greek island of Tilos, located between Kos and Rhodes, is embarking on an ambitious program aiming to make it the first island in the Mediterranean powered exclusively by renewable energy.

As part of an European Union backed program, the island is installing a wind turbine and photovoltaic park that will create and store energy for a population of some 5,000 people during the winter. Currently, Tilos runs on power taken from an undersea cable that is hooked up with Kos.

The project also involves the building of Greece’s first battery storage system and smart microgrid based on renewable energy.

Apart from its environmentally friendly approach, this program is seen to be important as most Greeks islands are not connected to the mainland's power grid and often rely on costly diesel powered generators.

Local officials estimate that the green power, set to start operating as a pilot phase in September, will initially cover 70% of the island's power needs, reaching 100% in the future.