Earthquake hits Greece's Kos, two killed in collapsed building

A powerful earthquake hit the Greek island of Kos early Friday killing two people and injuring more than a hundred, according to authorities.

The 6.5 magnitude tremor struck at 1:31 am 12 kilometers north east of Kos, a popular holiday destination for British tourists, near the Turkish coast. In the Turkish city of Bodrum, the earthquake caused panic and minor injuries, sending frightened residents running into the streets.

Greek officials said two men from Turkey and Sweden died in the collapse of a bar in the island's main square of Kos.

Kos mayor Georgos Kyritsis said the buildings that suffered the most damage were built before tougher building codes had been introduced on the island.

"The rest of the island has no problem. It's only the main town that has a problem," Mayor Giorgos Kyritsis said

The quake damaged churches, an old mosque, and the port's 14th century castle, along with old buildings in the town.

The British Foreign Office warned travelers of the possibility of aftershocks, urging them to follow the advice of the local authorities.

Ferry services were canceled until further inspection, with passengers rerouted to nearby islands. The island's airport was operating as normal.