Tanker sinks off Athens, oil spill spreads across coastline

Oil spill off Athens

An oil spill from a tanker that has sunk off the coast of Athens, near the island of Salamina, spread Thursday along the capital's coastline.

The 45-year-old tanker Agia Zoni II sank on Sunday near Salamina under unknown circumstances carrying around 2,500 tonnes of fuel.

The oil has mainly polluted the waters around Salamina but has also spread to the port of Piraeus and areas such as Agios Kosmas and Glyfada, according to some reports.

Authorities from the island have described the oil spill as an "environmental disaster."

The coastguard said barriers had been erected to contain the spill and tanker trucks were being used to collect the oil.

A 60-person crew has been working on the Piraeus coast to clean up the spill and an anti-pollution tanker was expected to be deployed late Wednesday.

Greek authorities are still unable to say how much fuel remains on board.

Officials in Salamina have told fishermen to avoid the area, while coastal businesses in the area have shut down.