Santorini mayor urges locals to adopt a homeless teacher

Santorini mayor calls on local to adopt a teacher

Soaring accommodation costs on the island of Santorini have prompted the local mayor to call on locals to adopt a teacher as educators struggle to get a place on the island due to a tourism boom.

Speaking on a local radio station Thursday, mayor Nkos Zorzos said that public officials such as teachers, law enforcers and medical staff all have a hard time in finding a home due to strong demand on the island that has pushed up rental costs and absorbed all available beds.

"It is very difficult to find accommodation (for the teachers). There is none available, we are at a large dead end," said Zorzos.

"We have called on the community to adopt, even for a short while, a teacher. The hotels are overbooked. On the one side the tourism success makes us happy, and on the other side, we have these sort of problems."

At the moment, there are some 60 teachers on the island who cannot find a place to stay, added Zorzos. He denied press reports that some teachers have resorted to sleeping on the island's beaches.

Greece's civil servants have seen their salaries slashed due to the country's economic crisis and spending cuts forced onto the country by international lenders. This has made its hard for civil servants who have been transferred away from home to get by on their salaries.

On Santorini, the sharp rise in tourism numbers has also put a large strain on the island's infrastructure with locals and officials saying that it has hit saturation point.