Cyprus wants less all inclusive deals in new tourism plan

Cyprus works on new tourism plan

Cyprus is starting work on a new tourism development plan that will rely less on cheap all inclusive deals and more on the country's cultural heritage and history, said the island's Interior Minister Tuesday.

Growth in the sector, which accounts for about 11% of the Cypriot economy, must be planned to avoid chaotic expansion as seen in some parts of the country, said Interior Minister Konstantinos Petridis.

"For this to happen, we need a united and complete tourism policy that will create more income and jobs and weigh on the environment less," he said. A public debate will start on shaping the tourism strategy, he added.

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Cyprus' decision to put together a new way to push tourism ahead comes amidst rising concerns in Greece over excessively fast growth in its hospitality sector. Record foreign arrivals this year put an enormous strain on Greece's crisis hit infrastructure, with local officials on islands such as Santorini admitting that they cannot accommodate so many visitors at once.