Archaeologists ruling puts Hellinikon project in doubt

Hellinikon project in doubt

Greece's archaeologists decided Tuesday that a considerable chunk of land belonging to the 6,200 acre Hellenikon urban development is an archaeological site and cannot be built on, in a decision that could bring an end to the project, officials said Tuesday.

In a fourth meeting on the issue, Greece's Central Archaeological Committee (KAS) decided that 280 acres of land at the former Athens airport is off limits to developers. It is not clear, however, where exactly these spaces are located and whether the decision will prevent investors, led by Lamda Development, from going ahead with the delayed 8 billion euro project.

Officials from the prime minster's office welcomed the news, saying that it means the investment will go ahead.

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Apart from the significance of the project for Greece's crisis-hit economy, it's completion is seen as being a major test for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, whose administration has struggled to draw investments to Greece.