Throw a pot plant and help anarchists in Athens

Help anarchists in Athens by throwing a pot plant

Anarchists have called on the residents of the bohemian central Athens area of Exarchia to help in their fight against police and the "forces of repression."

Located next to universities and a favorite haunt for artists, Exarchia is the site of regular clashes between self styled anarchists and police in street battles that often run for hours into the night. The suburb is drawing a growing number of foreign home buyers due to its low property prices, central location and demand for short term rentals from tourists.

In an announcement posted on, a group called the "Assembly Against Police Occupation" calls on the residents to "get out onto the streets of fire."

"The breaking of the police occupation of neighborhoods, will free up here and now areas for the self organisation of a world free, communal and equal," reads the announcement.

Residents can help anarchists by opening their doors to those being chased by law enforcers, throwing empty pot plants at police from their balconies or offering help to those injured from tear gas, the announcement added.