More Greek shoppers rely on cell phones, beat EU averages

More Greek consumers rely on cell phone

Mobile devices play a growing role in shopping in Greece, more so than elsewhere in Europe, but nearly half of Greeks still make the final decision in a physical store, according to research company GfK.

Companies are keeping a close eye on Internet shopping habits from consumers that are fast changing the way retailers are investing in store space and logistics operations.

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GfK’s research, held in 35 countries, found that half of Greeks agree with the statement “My mobile device is quickly becoming my most important shopping tool”, compared to 31% of European consumers.

“Digital devices to obtain everyday consumer goods, are getting more and more necessary. Nevertheless,

Greek consumers still rely on stores for research, price comparison and finally purchasing,” GfK said in a statement.

Almost half of Greek shoppers (47%) report that they first researched products and then visited a store to make the purchase, as opposed to those that researched a product in-store and then bought online (24%).

In other trends spotted by the survey, the trends among Greeks for omni-channel shopping, using in store and online resources to go shopping, are in line with trends seen across Europe.