Greek neighbors among the noisiest in Europe

Greek neighbors among noisiest in EU

Greek neighbors are among the noisiest in the European Union, according to statistics office Eurostat.

Nearly 20% of Greeks complain about the noise coming from their neighbor or street, Eurostat said in a statement last week, citing 2016 data. This compares with 17.9% of people in the European Union that are miffed with their neighbors and 15.6% in Cyprus.

The economic crisis in Greece appears to have having a quietening affect on the streets though. Eurostat data shows that 23.2% of Greeks complained about noise levels from their homes in 2010, the year the country's debt crisis erupted.

Based on the 2016 data, the noisiest neighborhoods in the EU were recorded in Malta (26.2%) and the quietest were in Ireland (7.9%)