Athens city council launches street kiosk clean up

Athens city council launches street kiosk clean up

The Athens city council will be pulling the licences of hundreds of street kiosks in coming months as part of a plan to clean up streets and give back space to pedestrians, officials said on Wednesday.

The council will withdraw the licences of some 300 kiosks - many of which have been abandoned in recent years - out of a total of 931. A large number of them are being pulled down by demolition teams.

"Many of these kiosks no longer serve the needs they did in the previous decades when the government gave them to war veterans to run," an Athens council official told "They have developed into retail outlets selling just about everything under the sun when they are meant to sell only basic goods."

The council's push to tidy up streets includes imposing limits on the amount of space the kiosks can occupy. One of the measures introduced as of the start of the year is to restrict the number of fridges they can use, the official added.