Tunnels dug in major move for Thessaloniki metro

Tunnels dug in major move for Thessaloniki metro

Attiko Metro has completed a major step in the delayed construction of the underground metro statio in Thessaloniki, it said on Tuesday.

The company, that owns the Athens metro, said that it has completed the digging of underground tunnels for the train network in the northern Greek city, in a move it describes as being a key step forward.

"Today is a big day for the metro of Thessaloniki. The completion of the tunneling for the full length of both lines brings us a step closer to the completion of the project. The joining of the tunnels with Kalamaria with the main line, coincides with the completion of most difficult part of the project technically, the most time consuming and expensive part, which is the digging of the underground tunnels," said company president Yiannis Mylopoulos in a statement.

The company went on to say that the project is 60 percent on its way to completion

Lack of funding and technical difficulaties have held back the project that was initially slated for completion for 2012. Government officials say the project has been put back on course and that it will be finished in 2020 though some critics believe that this date will also be missed due to poor planning.