Mayors prod Tsipras on Athens road, railway projects

Mayors push Tsipras on Athens road, railway projects

Twelve mayors from eastern Attica have called on Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to intervene and speed up the extension of the Attiki Odos highway and the Proastikoas railway line to the seaside areas Lavrio and Rafina.

Both Attiki Odos and the Proastiakos railway line are key infrastructure projects that have changed the transport map in the broader Athens area, hooking up the airport with central Athens and areas west of the Greek capital.

In a letter sent to Tsipras, the mayors said they want him to push along talks with the European Commission to secure funding for the extension plans. Similiar requests for funding have been successfully made by other countries on the grounds that it will contribute to growth in their region, the letter said.

"Any delays in the immediate start in the construction of the extensions to Attiki Odos and the Proastiakos railway line to Lavrio and Rafina will harm the country's growth and the economic future of eastern Attica and as a result finds us firmly against this," reads the letter.

"The failure to secure the immediate start of the project, essentially puts it off indefinetely for one more time, as has been the case in the last few decades, something which is impossoible for us to accept," it adds.