Athens real estate the cheapest among 14 EU capitals

Athens real estate the cheapest among 14 EU capitals

Real estate in Athens is the cheapest in Europe, based on a list of fourteen European capitals put together by

The data shows that property in the Greek capital costs 1,287 pounds, per square meter, versus 1,486 pounds in Nicosia, which ranks in second last position (ie 13th place) Topping the list is London where land costs an average of 12, 930 pounds per square meter.

Interest among foreign investors looking for a property in Athens has been growing as the market shows signs of stabilising after prices plummeted by more than 40 percent during the country's eight year economic crisis.

Price per square meter (British pounds)

London, United Kingdom 12,930

Bern, Switzerland 9,847

Paris, France 8,795

Rome, Italy 7,167

Vienna, Austria 5,741

Amsterdam, Nederlands 5,676

Dublin, Ireland 5,204

Berlin, Germany 4,525

Madrid, Spain 3,860

Lisbon, Portugal 3,370

Ljubljana, Slovenia 2,881

Brussels, Belgium 2,776

Nicosia, Cyprus 1,486

Athens, Greece 1,287