Cyprus parliament to investigate high rents hurting students

Cyprus parliament launches probe into rising rents

A Cyprus parliamentary commitee will look into the sharp rise in rents on the island, particularly in areas like Limassol, amidst concerns that higher accommodation costs are forcing students to leave the island.

The Green Party put forth the proposal to parliament's Interior committee after press reports of families being evicted by landlords who want to up the rent by as much as 300 percent.

Problems are being caused, especially with vulnerable social groups, said the Greens Party in an announcement. There is a need to form a single housing policy and find a solution to the problems, it added.

Along with a strong tourism sector, a growing number of students on the island are pushing rents as Cyprus moves ahead with plans to become a regional hub for universities and research.

The rise in rents has affected students and the cost of their housing, the Greens Party added. "We have been informed that many students have been forced to interupt their studies as they can no longer afford to continue," it added.