Homes put on Airbnb up 31 pct to 126,000

The number of homes that have been put up for short term rental in Greece, via Airbnb or other platforms, has soared by 31 percent in the last year to more than 126,000, according to data collected by the Center of Planning and Economic Research (KEPE).

In its Greek Economic Outlook, KEPE said that 126,231 homes were offered for brief stays to visitors, up from 96,217 last year and 57,307 in 2016.

A breakdown of the figures shows that most properties are located in Attiki (broader Athens) followed by the southern Aegean, that include islands such as Mykonos and Santorini.

Number of homes available for short term rent (per region)

  • Attiki 30,184

  • Southern Aegean 25,730

  • Crete 21,811

  • Central Macedonia 13,544

  • Ionian Islands 13,232

  • Peloponnese 6,474

  • Thessaly 3,880

  • Eastern Macedonia and Thrace 2,738

  • Central Greece 2,489

  • Northern Aegean 2,357

  • Western Greece 2,115

  • Ipirus 1,481

  • Western Macedonia 196