ReTech Innovation Challenge: Lamda’s contest begins

The Innovation Contest launched by Lamda Development this week will take place at The Mall Athens and will totally “disrupt” the Retail marketplace, the company said in a statement.

The announcement went on to say that "retail marketplace is being radically transformed and reshaped: it uses technology, is outward- and forward-looking, and has adopted innovative tools in order to improve financial results and optimize the shopping experience."

ReTech Innovation Challenge hopes to create an innovative network of ideas and solutions that will contribute to the restructuring of the Retail market, transform traditional malls into modern hubs of technology and innovation and strengthen the ecosystem of business start-ups and entrepreneurship.

At the same time, this challenge hopes to attract new stakeholders, strengthen the cooperation with tenants and amplify the engagement of the millions of mall visitors.

Τhe deadline for the interested teams to submit their business proposals via the web-site of ReTech Innovation Challenge (, is the 3rd of December.

The contest largely focuses on ideas and proposals in the following sectors: - Retail - Food & Entertainment - Mall Services (in-store enhancement for customers, tenants) and - Software as a Service (logistics, digital data, digitization of physical stores, etc.)

Τhe primary fields of activity may include, among others: digital marketing, proximity marketing, e-commerce, advertising, marketplaces and augmented/virtual reality.

Participating teams will be evaluated by market representatives, investors, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and academics with significant experience – and will have the opportunity to experience actual case studies from a major market – Retail.

Finalists will present their proposals at The Mall Athens in February at special booths, while the winners will earn monetary prizes of 10.000 euro, as well as, professional mentoring and coaching through programs such as the Founder Institute, a leading, internationally recognized program which helps transform creative and ambitious teams into successful enterprises.

ReTech Innovation Challenge, launched and hosted by Lamda Development, is being organized by their strategic partner Industry Disruptors Game Changers (ID – GC). This pioneering initiative will culminate in a grand event on the 21st of February at The Mall Athens.