Port at Greek glamour island headed for makeover

Port at Greek glamour island headed for makeover

Greece has started looking for an adviser to develop the port of Mykonos as rising visitor numbers force authorities to upgrade the island's capacity.

Greece's tourism sector is drawing some 30 milllion visitors per year, three times the size of the country's population, pushing its infrastructure to the limits, particularly during the peak summer months.

In Santorini, the sharp rise in tourist numbers has prompted local officials to look at ways to better channel visitor numbers to the island to avoid hectic overcrowded conditions.

Greece's privatisations agency HRADF said it is looking for an expert to advise it on the upcoming tender for the port of Mykonos. The adviser will also help HRADF determine future revenues for the port and implement steps that best suit the Greek state, the agency said in a statement.

A 24 month contract is being offered paying up to 100,000 euros. More info on the contract can be seen here

In addition to being a magnet to global jetsetters, Mykonos has been outperforming the country's booming tourism sector in recent years.

Several steps have already been taken to help Mykonos accomodate more people.

Last year, Greece hooked the country's mainland power grid up with Mykonos in a bid to improve the reliability of power on the island and help reduce the cost of electricity. This is being done as part of a broader plan to connect the country's islands with Greece's mainland power grid.

The airport in Mykonos has also been upgraded. In one of the first projects completed by Fraport Greece since it took on the management of 14 regional airports in Greece in 2017, the terminal has been expanded by 50 percent while new check in counters and departure gates have also been added.

Construction activity on the island had also been very resilient to the broader downturn seen in the industry during Greece's debt crisis.

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