Mykonos airport set for 25 mln euro boost

Mykonos airport gets 25 mln euro boost

Fraport is upgrading the airport of Mykonos in a 25 million euro project aimed at better serving the growing number of global jet setters visiting the Greek island.

The company which manages 14 of Greece's regional airports, Fraport, has completed some of the renovations work at Mykonos with the rest scheduled for completion by 2021.

The check in and passenger arrival areas have already been upgraded, while additional work will involve adding VIP facilities and introducing improved baggage handling services.

There will also be changes to the design of the airport, built in 1971, adopting features of Cycladic architecture. Fraport's goal is to boost the airport's annual capacity to one million passengers, from 700,000 currently.

After taking over the management of 14 regional airports from the Greek state in 2017, Fraport is spending 400 million euros to upgrade them. So far, renovation work had been completed at the airports at Kavala, Chania and Zakynthos.

Mykonos has gotten off to a strong start to the tourism season this year. Data shows that 406,000 passengers travelled through the airport since the start of of 2019, showing an increase of 13.8 percent from last year.

More changes to Mykonos' infrastructure is taking place as the island leads Greece's tourism boom.

Greece is looking for an adviser to develop the port of Mykonos, while Greece has also hooked the island with the country's mainland electricity to improve the reliability of its power supply.

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