Patras becomes friendlier to cyclists; plans 2 new bike paths

Patras gets two new bike paths in city, beach area

The city of Patras, in western Greece, is set to get two new bike paths as part of plans to help residents adopt greener habits.

The first bike path will be built along the city's coastal area, connecting beaches with a southern park area, while the second one will be constructed in the city's historic district. The new paths will be added to an existing network of roads allocated to cyclists in the city, Greece's third largest.

With a population of 167,000 people, Patras accomodates thousands of university students and a port linking Greece with Italy popular with tourists.

Some of Greece's smaller cities, such as Patras and Kalamata, have been introducing bike paths with greater ease than that seen in Athens and Thessaloniki, due to the increased availability of space and less traffic congestion.

The Patras council also plans to replace the bikes vandalized from its free rental program after a large number of them had been vandalized, it added.

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