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Living in Mets Athens: A local's perspective [2023]

This article was update on January 2, 2023.

Underrated by many, a treasured secret for others. Mets is an area that combines just about everything on offer in Athens.

Just a 10 minute walk to Syntagma Square and the Plaka area, Mets is a quiet, leafy neighbourhod in the heart of the city. Sitting on top of Ardittos hill, apartments in Mets offer spectacular views of the Acropolis that can't be found elsewhere. A favourite haunt of artists and intellectuals over the years, Mets is often likened to Paris' Montmarte, an area known for its artistic history.

"When you walk through Mets, you get the feeling that people here still take afternoon naps," writes Greek musician Foivos Delivorias, a longtime resident of Mets, on


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The suburb rests between Ardettos Hill, the First Cemetery of Athens and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. It has picturesque streets, features well maintained neo classical buildings, and homes with influences of Bauhaus architecture. Unlike many parts of Athens, there are no abandoned buildings here.

"The neoclassical houses, which are the work of some exceptional architects, and low rise apartments, thanks to building restrictions introduced in 1993, have helped turned Mets into a favourite hang out for the artistic world," says Evita Eleftheroudaki, owner of real estate brokerage Epsilon Team.

"The fabulous views of the Acropolis on offer also draw intellectuals and foreign buyers," she adds.

A major drawcard is the Panathenaic Stadium, also known as Kallimarmaro, where the first modern Olympic Games were held. A track alongside the stadium's upper rim is a popular training run for local joggers, while the adjoining Ardittos woods provide a breathe of fresh air to the neighbourhood. Across the road from Panathinaic stadium, several foreign embassies can be found, in a reflection of the international flavour of the neighbourhood.

Towards the east, lies the First Cemetery, a 170,00-square-metre necropolis that is officially a national museum, where a number of key Greek figures have been buried, including former prime ministers and film stars.

Like just about any Athens neighbourhood there is an array of cafes, restaurants and bars to choose from but several stand out, such as the Odeon cafe-bar and the Half Note jazz club.

Living and working in Athens

Daphne Korobeli, a lawyer who spends time between Athens and Shanghai, says she feels lucky to have a place in Mets. The area has turned into one of the most sought after real estate destinations in Athens, she points out.

Popular with students, famous actors, foreigners and early morning joggers, Mets offers pretty much everything, adds Korobeli.

There are different stories as to how the area got its name. The most popular one says that Mets got its name from a beer brewery, opened by Bavarian brewer Karl Fuchs (the same man who founded Greek beer Fix).

Historically, the area played an important role in creating food for Athenians. During the Ottoman empire, wind mills dotted Ardettos Hill, supplying the area with flour. The windmills withstood the test of time but were gradually demolished with the owner of the land they were built on knocking down the last one in 1986.

Trendy Athens neighbourhoods

Mets, along with the neighbouring area of Pagrati, have character, color and the feeling of the neighborhood, with several green areas, points out real estate brokerage Engel & Volkers in a report.

Kolonaki, the Anaktoras area, Plaka and Exarchia are at the forefront of buyer demand. Koukaki, on the other hand, consistently benefits from visitors to the Acropolis Museum, with a highly developed short-term rental economy, adds Engel & Volkers in the report.

Mets, Athens, apartment prices for sale

Prices in the area vary depending on the quality and location of the apartment. The price range given by real estate brokers for houses ranging from older buildings to new constructions ranges from 1,800 euros to 4,200 euros per square meter.

Those who are seeking a special view of the Acropolis will have to dig deeper in their pockets as prices can reach as 8,000 euros sq. m. for prime assets.

Main avenues: Markou Mousouri street; Anapafseos street

Public transport: A weak point for the area. Parts of Mets are serviced by bus, tram and trolley-bus but there is no Metro (underground railway ) on offer. Due to its proximity to the city center, residents do a lot of walking but be warned: Mets is a hilly area with lots of steps.

Low supply: Mets has many detached homes and low rise apartment buildings, meaning that the supply of homes for sale here is lower than in other parts of Athens. Due to building regulations, most apartment buildings go up to 3 floors.

Houses for rent Mets, Athens

A large number of apartments in the area have been put on Airbnb-type platforms and this has pushed rents higher. According to industry officials, it costs an average of some 11 euros per square meter to rent a house in Mets, versus 8.80 euros per square meters in Pangrati and 8.30 euros per square in Exarcheia.


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