Work life in Greece at 33 years versus 42 years in Sweden

Work life in Greece lasts for 33 years versus 42 years in Sweden

The working life of Greeks has grown slightly to 33 years but remains well below the EU average and countries such as Sweden, says Eurostat.

The method adopted by Eurostat forecasts the number of work years that a 15-year-old has ahead after entering the workforce in 2018. In Greece, that works out to 32.9 years, versus 41.9 years in Sweden and 31.8 years in Italy, according to the data. The EU average stands at 36.2 years

"Sweden (41.9 years) and the Netherlands (40.5) have the longest expected duration of working life in the EU-28 in 2018. These are the only two EU member states where the expected number of working years is above 40. On the other hand, Italy (31.8 years), Croatia (32.4) and Greece (32.9) have the shortest expected working life," Eurostat said in a statement.

In Cyprus, the figure stands at 37.1 years.


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