Athens international airport looking for land to expand

The Athens international airport is looking to expand in the area of Spata, north of Athens, in a bid to accommodate growing support services and commercial operations, according to Greek press.

The airport has commissioned real estate brokers to reach out to local landowners that could be interested in handing over their patch to the airport which launched operations in 2001, newsletter Real Estate Daily Secret reported.

It was stressed that the search for new space does not relate to airline runways.

Demand for commercial property in Spata, about 40 minutes from the center of the Greek capital, is high with the area drawing an array of businesses, such as parking facilities, logistics and retail spots.

The airport is majority owned by the Greek state but has been slated for further privatisation with a 30 percent holding expected to be sold. Current shareholders also include the Copelouzos group and Germany's Avialliance group.