Cheap property prices boost appeal of Corfu holiday homes on global list

Corfu ranks among the top global destinations for a holiday home, according to a ranking of 50 cities put together by

The Greek island takes position number 6, gaining points for its low crime rate and cheap property prices, while Heraklion in Crete was ranked in 16th position and Athens further downs in 31st place.

“We’ve analysed locations around the world based on factors such as things to do, affordability, and the local weather,” the site said.

At the top of the list comes Venice, followed by Paphos (Cyprus), Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Funchal (Portugal).

Cyprus’s Larnaca also finished in the top ten, taking 9th place.

According to the data provided, the average cost of living for a family of four in Corfu amounts to $2,910, versus $3,691 in Venice, $2,560 in Paphos and $2,865 in Abu Dhabi.

Property prices also differ significantly. In Corfu, the average price of property comes it at $1,647, versus $4,930 in Venice, $1,837 in Paphos and $2,836 in Abu Dhabi.

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