Despite long sunny days, 5% of Greeks and Spanish live in the dark

Around 5 percent of people in Greece and Spain believe that their dwelling does not have enough daylight, meaning that their home seems too dark and is viewed as a problem for the household, according to eurostat.

In the European Union the figure comes in at 4.9 percent, versus 5.3 percent in Greece and 5.6 percent in Spain. In Turkey, the number stands at 17.6 percent.

At a European level, one in ten people considered their dwelling too dark in Malta, which recorded the highest share among the member states. Malta was followed by Portugal (8.2%), Hungary (8.0%) and Latvia (7.9%).

In contrast, the lowest shares were recorded in Slovakia (2.8%, 2018 data), Czechia (2.9%), Italy (3.2%, 2018 data), Cyprus (3.2%) and the Netherlands (3.3%).