Where are foreign buyers looking to buy a home in Greece?

Island home in Greece
Islands, Athens top search list for foreign home buyers

The most popular areas to buy a home in Greece for foreign nationals are the Cycladic islands, Athens (central and southern districts) and Halkidiki, in the north, according to classifieds site spitogatos.gr

Based on searches conducted on the site this summer, most foreign buyers are looking for a place on a Cycladic island, with Naxos, Paros, Mykonos, Santorini and Syros drawing the most interest. The next most popular area is central Athens (Kolonaki-historical centre-Pangrati) and the capital's southern suburbs alongside the beach stretch.

Search results also shows that foreign buyers are also interested in the northern areas of Halkidiki and the suburbs of Thessaloniki (city center, Toumpa, Analipsi, Botsali, Nea Paralia).

Interest for a second home in Greece has soared in recent months, though brokers say that few deals are being closed amidst ongoing uncertainty concerning the pandemic. This hasn’t stopped some home owners, however, from getting probably too confident as prices on some islands, such as Serifos, have jumped 26 percent in the last year.

Figures presented by Spitogatos also show that the number of searches conducted by users in Germany jumped 70 percent and 63 percent among those from Canada.

"This year, we are seeing a big increase in website traffic and applications of our network from foreign countries, in relation to 2020 but also with previous years," says Spitogatos CEO Dimitris Melachrinos.

"It seems that the countries with traditional interest in Greek real estate remain at the top of the search list, some even showing strong annual growth, like Germany for example. On the other hand we see China's absence from the top10," he added.