Learn about Athens' buildings, architectural heritage with MONUMENTA

How many buildings built between 1830-1940 are preserved in Athens, where are the apartment buildings belonging to the modern movement located, when were the great school buildings of the Papandreou program built, which buildings were constructed by Epaminondas Kypriadis, did Athens have hospitals in the 19th century, where did the surrender of Athens to the German occupiers take oplace?


The answers to these questions and many more can be found in four projects designed and implemented by MONUMENTA in the period 2013-2020, in the framework of the programs "Registration, documentation and promotion of 19th and 20th century buildings in Athens", with exclusive backing of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation: an information system, a book, a documentary and a mobile phone application.

-The freely accessible information system http://www.docathens.org includes the 11,200 buildings registered by MONUMENTA, ie those that survive in the seven municipal communities of Athens, dating from the period 1830-1940. Photographs, plans and data, which are constantly increasing, document the architectural heritage and are a unique tool in researching and getting to know the buildings and the city.

-The multi-page and richly illustrated book "Detecting the architecture of Athens. The registration and documentation of the buildings of the period 1830-1940" is a result of the building registration project carried out by MONUMENTA, which was not limited to the field research, but also sought to record the testimonies of people who lived in these buildings and the engineers who designed them. It includes three sections: a) presentation of building registration and documentation programs, the methodology followed, the values of registration and participation in it, b) texts on the architecture of Athens and urban green areas, c) photos of 1620 buildings. The book is for sale.

-MONUMENTA's fifteen-minute documentary "Buildings are like friends" presents efforts to record all the old buildings of Athens, their stories, the memories of the people who lived them, with the ultimate goal of helping protect them.(Director: Nikos Anagnostopoulos)

-The MONUMENTA app "Buildings of Athens" is available for free for iOS and android devices. This free and easy to use application offers tours and information about the buildings of Athens from the period 1830-1940. At any time the user can see if he is near any of them, look for the building of his interest and note the favorites. Neoclassical, eclectic, modern buildings, of all uses, with short and long stories are accessible to residents, visitors, walkers of the city! An updated version is already in the works.