Looking for a property in Spain with a pool? Cost rises by a third

Buying a property with a swimming pool in Spain is 36.7 percent more expensive than getting a place without one, says Idealista.

The biggest price difference for having a pool is seen in Andalusia (64.4 percent, the Valencia Region (54.4 percent) and the Canary Islands (52 percent) based on data collected by Idealista.

By city, there are also considerable differences.

In Barcelona a pool bumps up the price by 58.8 percent while in Madrid this percentage drops to 6.8 percent.

“This disparate behaviour between the two cities can be explained by the capacity that Madrid has had in recent years to create new urban developments with communal areas, as opposed to the geographical limitation that Barcelona has had to create new projects and its proximity to the beach,” says Idealista.

Madrid is followed by the city of Guadalajara, where flats with swimming pools are only 7 percent more expensive, followed by San Sebastian (7.2 percent), Murcia (8.2 percent), and Seville (13.3 percent).