Transferring property in Greece to go online in October

The process required to transfer the ownership of a properties in Greece is set to go online as of October, senior government officials say.

The Digital Governance Ministry has table in parliament a bill to shift the procedures online in a bid to make the competitiveness of the country's real estate sector and help draw foreign investment to the residential housing sector.

With the help of a notary, property deals will be done online via that will hook up the different government services involved, such as the tax office and the national cadastre.

Speaking in parliament, Digital Governance Deputy Minister Giorgos Stilios, who is overseeing the implementation of the country’s national cadaster (Greek land registry), said that “now the transfer will take place in the notary's office without the need to obtain 17 documents from 11 different public services.

“We are ready, and technically, this will apply to 100 percent of real estate in Greece in two months," he said.

He also said that "the cadastre (ktimatologio) will be 90 percent complete by 2023, two years earlier than announced," adding that today 2 percent of owners in different areas are holding up procedures for different reasons.

With this bill, the 2 percent will now stop blocking everyone else from being able to access dozens of digital services and facilities, added the deputy minister.