Urge to seek shelter in cave inspires design of Corinth mountain chalet (video)

The concept of a cave was the basic source of inspiration used by architects Tenon on the designing of the Hyades Mountain Resort in a mountain area close to Corinth, southwest of Athens.

The cave, which was once a refuge of man and a place of protection against the elements of nature, is transformed into a place of hospitality and recreation within a modern hotel unit, say the architects.

Located in a forest area at an altitude of 1,100 meters, the hotel is in a village called Trikala Korinthias and is about an hour drive from the Greek capital.

"The design, with its curved surfaces, and the choice of wood as the primary building material seek to recreate a warm and welcoming environment that retains the primal feeling of a natural shelter," say architects Tenon.

"The form evokes the visitor’s imagination and invites them to explore and experience the space with all their senses," the add.

Photos: Spyros Hound Photography