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Meet the team

We provide news and insights into the real estate market in Greece and other neighbouring markets, such as Cyprus and Turkey. We help investors move through an increasingly complex real estate landscape in Europe in order to make better informed decisions. 


We also provide specialised communications services in real estate. With our extensive knowledge of the sector, we help businesses best get their messages out to clients, investors and stakeholders. Along with content writing and copywriting services, we help businesses handle press relations and also advise clients on how to set up and execute their communications policy in order to meet strategic goals. In addition to real estate, we have also specialised in banking and financial services.

We are a two-person team and have partnered with some of the largest media and public relations companies in Greece. We can take on any sized project, no matter how small or big, drawing on our multi-year expertise in international media and digital communications.

Stelios Bouras

Stelios is a journalist with an eye for news and what investors want to know. Formerly with the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, he knows how businesses can quickly and efficiently spread their message on different media platforms. Writing is his passion. He knows how to harness the power of words and is now helping businesses meet strategic goals through digital communications. 

 Originally from Melbourne, he is often spotted strolling around the Acropolis on Sunday afternoons.

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Eleana Kolovou

Eleana is a writer who likes to take a deep dive into any topic. In addition to working for Greece's largest newspaper, Kathimerini, she has written about architecture trends in New York, museum designs in Spain and the nuts and bolts of the British economy. 

The challenge is in putting just enough of the local details to tell a global story right, she says. 

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